ESOL Level 2 - Advanced - Course details

Who is the course for?

The course is an Advanced level course for those whose first language is not English, who wish to use all four language skills with increasing ability and confidence in a variety of situations, and who wish to pass an examination at this level.

What previous knowledge/experience are required?

This course is for students who can read and understand a variety of authentic English texts; write a description, narrative or comparison using complex and compound sentences; can use present, past, future tenses, conditionals and some phrasal verbs; can communicate fluently, but few inaccuracies.

What will the course cover and what can I expect to do by the end of it?

Speaking and Listening
Listen and respond to spoken language, including information and narratives, and follow explanations and instructions of varying length, adapting response as appropriate. Speak to communicate information, ideas and opinions, adapting speech and content to take account of the listener(s) and context. Engage in discussion with one or more people in familiar and unfamiliar situations to produce a shared understanding on common and complex topics.
Read and understand texts of varying lengths on a variety of topics and in various styles accurately and independently. Read and obtain information from different sources.
Write to communicate information and opinions clearly using length, format and style appropriate to purpose and intended reader. Students will be prepared for assessment in each of the above language areas.

What teaching and learning methods will be used on the course?

Teaching and learning methods will be those appropriate to adults. Students are expected, under the guidance of their teacher, to assume a large measure of responsibility for their progress. All materials and worksheets are provided for classroom work; however, learning situations will include research and project work outside the classroom, either individually or with others. The College provides access to up-to-date learning technology, including computers.

How will we assess your progress on the course?

Each student will have an Individual Learning Plan. This plan, which is regularly reviewed and updated, will provide each student with his or her short and longer term learning priorities. In addition there will be one-to-one and small group tutorials.

What type of qualification will passing this course give me?

Upon successful completion of the appropriate assessments students will receive an externally accredited qualification from an internationally recognised assessment organisation, City and Guilds

What can I do after completing this course?

At the end of this course students should be able and have the confidence to use their enhanced language skills in a variety of situations, social, official and employment.

What extra study/practice do we expect you to do outside the class?

Students are expected to complete the homework assignments, including research or project work agreed with their teacher. In addition students are encouraged to bring into the classroom any language problems they may meet in their day-to-day lives. Your teacher is there to help you.


Working Men’s College - the college for women and men, 44 Crowndale Road, London  NW1 1TR.

15 May 2008