ECDL Part 1 – Course details

ECDL course
Look beyond ECDL and ICDLWMC have a certification programme to suit everyone, from complete beginners to specialist application power users.

Who is the ECDL course part one for?

The course is designed to develop a broad based understanding of the computer with a comprehensive introduction to office–based applications.

What is the level of the course?

Level 1 in the National Qualification Framework. Level 1 is comparable to an NVQ Level 1 or a Foundation GNVQ.

What will the course cover?

Course content is divided into 3 modules:

Each student will work with his or her own computer. Electronic SmartBoard presentation, step-by-step instruction, supervised practical work and reference notes. Using online technologies and electronic Learning.

ECDL training opportunities

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What teaching and learning methods will be used on the course?

Students need to commit to making time outside of class to practice; at home or in the college using the ICT facilities.

How will WMC assess your progress on the course?

WMC employs a wide variety of Teaching & Learning strategies. These include practical classes, lectures, 1:1 tutorials, Computer Based Training using on line resources, project work and assessment of portfolios.

What type of qualification will passing this course give me?

This is an Exam Course and students need to take 3 Examinations (Module 1, 2, 7) to get an BCS Level 1 IT User certificate. Each student will work with his or her own computer. Smart board presentation, step by step instruction, supervised practical work and reference notes.

What can I do after completing this course?

Students obtain the BCS (British Computer Society) Level 1 IT User Certificate, which is equivalent of GCSE (Foundation Level) and is one step closer to obtain Internationally recognized ECDL/ICDL Certificate.

31 May 2008