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Working Men’s College - the college for women and men
44 Crowndale Road,
London  NW1 1TR

About WMC

Mission Statement

To be a learner-centred college dedicated to widening access to education for all that will provide opportunities for lifelong learning for the diverse range of London adults who may not be able to study full time, particularly those who have missed out on their initial education.

My courses

ECDL - Part 2 fast track

BCS Level 2 IT User certificate
ECDL Certificate
Module 03: Word Processing - MS Word
Module 04: Spreadsheets - MS Excel
Module 05: Databases - MS Access
Module 06: Presentations - MS Power Point
Unit E

ECDL - Part 1 fast track

Module 01: Concepts of Information Technology (IT)
Module 02: Using the Computer and Managing Files
Module 07: Electronic Communication

New CLAiT 2006 - OCR level 1 certificate

Content: The 3 units for 2006 new CLAiT OCR certificate
Unit 1 - File management & e-document production
Unit 2 - Creating spreadsheets and graphs
Unit 3 - Database manipulation

Dreamweaver - Introduction

OCN LR: Web Authoring Level 2
Final Project: French Restaurant Menu

Photoshop - Introduction

OCN LR certification: Computer Imaging Level 2

Illustrator - Introduction

OCN qualification

ESOL Level 2 - Advanced

Term B: speaking and listening
Phone call, Discussion, Presentation

EFL First Certificate (FCE)

First Certificate in English (FCE)

18 March 2008