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I get this Reference letter when I left Teiresias Centre of Masaryk University in January 2007.

Masaryk University

Support Centre for Students with Special Needs

Brno, February 5, 2007

Ref. No. 12/2007/PP

To Whom It May Concern

I am writing this reference at the request of Mgr. Vladislav Jankovych, DiS. Mr. Jankových has asked me to provide this general letter that he may show to any prospective employer who asks him for references.

Mr. Jankových has worked at the Support Centre for Students with Special Needs of Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Rep., (hereinafter referred to as Teiresias Centre) since 2005. At first he was employed as a part-time personal assistant to the moving disabled students of Masaryk University and because he proved a very reliable and initiative employee he was offered a full-time position as of the autumn 2005. He was entrusted with two interrelated positions:

  1. As Head of the Physical Disabilities Section of Teiresias Centre he was responsible for monitoring the university premises from the point of view of their accessibility for students with moving disability, coordinating the account of non-accessible buildings, rooms etc. and initiating their progressive accessibility. His other tasks included registering the individual needs of the university students with moving disabilities and providing the necessary assistance for them. He was also in charge of dispatching personal assistants.
  2. As the Centre's psychologist his task was to provide counselling services, both to students and teachers - in this area he specially focused on students with special learning disabilities.

Mr. Jankových has been particularly successful in the first of the two areas of his work. During 2006 he was able to create and coordinate a dispatching network of the personal assistants. He was in charge of training the assistants, coordinating their activities and finally he was able to train his own successor in the position. This clearly proves that he is capable of adopting a direct approach to a client as well as to execute a manager post in the area of personal assistantship.

As far as the counselling and psychological aspect of his position, there has not been enough opportunity for him to prove his abilities within the scope of the Centre' activities. On the university level he was however able to evolve a development project for Masaryk University in the field of psychological-pedagogical counselling for 2007 and he was also involved in an expert analysis of conditions necessary for the unification of high-school leaving exams for students with learning disabilities for the needs of Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic.

Among Mr. Jankových's chief qualities belongs his acute judgement of other people's character, their communicational strategies and role in a work team which I found extremely helpful when consulting internal personal matters as well as handling situations in which prompt and precise assessment of a person's character and potential conflicts is crucial. As a personal assistant, he proved to be very dextrous and sturdy which - in combination with the above-mentioned inter-personal skills - makes him an ideal assistant. As an 'office' worker, I would like to stress his knowledge of information and communication technologies which goes beyond the level of an average user which he makes full use of in the administrative and manager part of his agenda.

Mr. Jankových proved to be a very efficient and highly committed member of our work team and his decision to leave his current position was inspired by wish to gain new experience in his field of work as well as to enhance his language skills. I will be glad to provide more detailed information on specific aspects of his work at Teiresias Centre if required.

Petr Peňáz

Head of Masaryk University Support Centre
for Students with Special Needs

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Support Centre for Students with Special Needs,

Šumavská 15, 602 00  Brno, Czech Republic

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