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Masaryk University is a public university–type institution of higher education offering:

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Masaryk University
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Czech Republic

About Masaryk University

Masaryk University, located in Brno, is the second-largest public university in the Czech Republic and the leading higher education institution in Moravia. At present it comprises nine faculties with more than 200 departments, institutes and clinics. Recognized as one of the most important teaching and research institutions in the Czech Republic and a highly-regarded Central European university, it has been marked by a strong democratic spirit ever since its establishment in 1919. The university also plays a major role in the social and cultural life of the South Moravia Region.

A special feature of the university is its policy with regard to students with sensory or physical disabilities. The Support Centre for Students with Special Needs ensures that the fields of study accredited by the university are open to those students and that they enjoy the same standards of education as the rest of the university’s student body.

The Support Centre for Students with Special Needs

Teiresias centre is a special–purpose institution of Masaryk University with public activities. Its aim is to arrange suitable conditions which would ensure that studies at Masaryk University are open to the most students and participants of lifelong learning with handicaps of various kinds. Therefore, for these purposes, the Centre has cooperated with specialized departments outside Masaryk University and it also affects methodically Masaryk University activities in this realm.

My possition

Head of department (from Mar 2006 to Jan 2007),
Centre’s psychologist (from Jan 2006 to Jan 2007),
Office administrator (from Nov 2005 to Dec 2005),
Personal assistant for students with physical disabilities (Oct 2005 to Dec 2005, part-time)

8 April 2008