Graphics & Graphic Design

Photoshop - Introduction

Introduction to Photoshop environment and tools. Determining size and resolution of bitmap images. Painting and design techniques. Working with Layers. Importing images and graphic editing. Creating colour transitions (Gradients). Using Text. Applying Styles (drop shadow, glow, bevel & emboss etc.) Composite images (combining elements from various images). Scanning and cropping. Applying Filters. Blending techniques. Photo correction techniques: improve tonal range, remove a colour cast, enhance, sharpen and repair photos. Printing.

Illustrator - Introduction

Using Illustrator application tools and features i.e. using palettes and tools, creating, modifying, filling and stroking objects, creating, modifying, and stroking paths, transforming objects i.e. reflect, blend, rotate and scale objects.

Web Design

DreamWeaver - Introduction

The specific features of the Dreamweaver software, making a simple web page, linking pages together, linking to other websites, formatting text on a page.

Computing & IT


Module 01: Concepts of Information Technology (IT)
Module 02: Using the Computer and Managing Files
Module 03: Word Processing - MS Word
Module 04: Spreadsheets - MS Excel
Module 05: Databases - MS Access
Module 06: Presentations - MS Power Point
Module 07: Electronic Communication
Unit E

Sage Accounting

A basic knowledge of the wide spectrum of Sage Computerised Accounts, Line 50, beginning with creating Customer/Supplier Accounts right through to producing a Balance Sheet.

CLAiT Certificate

Unit 1: File Management and e-document production
Unit 2: Creating Spreadsheets and graphs
Unit 3: Database manipulation



First Certificate in English (FCE)

ESOL Level 1 - Hight intermediate

Term A: reading
Term C: writing

In progress

ESOL Level 2 - Advanced

Term B: speaking and listening
Phone call (done), discussion (done), presentation (pending).

Management Introductory Certificate - Level 3 (CMI)

Developing yourself
The importance of a customer focus
Gathering and communicating information
Setting objectives, planning and monitoring
working effectively with others
The basic concepts of quality, continuous improvement and change